During the last two months the campaign funds issued by Prabowo-Sandi reached Rp. 34.5 billion

Prabowo Subianto. Prabowo-Sandi, Candidate Pair of President and Vice President from serial number 02, talks about 2019 presidential candidate, for the past two months the pair number 02, campaigning has spent Rp. 34.5 billion rupiah.

Treasurer of the Prabowo-Sandiaga National Winning Body, Thomas Djiwandono, said that the Rp34.5 billion fund that has been disbursed so far has been used for campaign material, limited meetings, face-to-face meetings and media advertising.

"The total expenditure includes the budget for other activities of IDR 21 billion. The budget is used for campaigns including strengthening posts and volunteer activities. So, the total expenditure is IDR 34,475,612,330, "Thomas said in Jakarta on Wednesday (28/11).

Thomas explained, during the last two months or October and November 2018, the funds collected so far to campaign had reached Rp. 41.9 billion. The funds earned by them come from internal and external donations.
Prabowo-Sandi Confesses Campaigning Has Spend Rp. 34.5 Billion Rupiah During The Last Two Months

Prabowo-Sandi Confesses Campaigning Has Spend Rp. 34.5 Billion Rupiah During The Last Two Months

"At present the amount of Prabawo-Sandi's campaign funds is at Rp. 41.9 billion. The details, the biggest collector is Pak Sandi, which is at Rp. 28.5 billion. Next is from Mr. Prabowo. "This can be divided into two forms, money and forms of service," explained Thomas clearly.

Responding to this, the Candidate for Vice President Sandiaga Uno, said that he wanted to reduce campaign funds so that the amount spent was not too large. Because of this, Sandiaga continued to look for alternatives in carrying out his campaign activities.

"Pak Prabowo and I for the past month have found a number of innovations that have made us able to reduce campaign costs to a minimum," said Sandiaga Uno.

One of them, continued Sandi, replaced the campaign stage with cardboard which was used as campaign material. With that, his side now does not need a stage for campaigning. Also in activities in the community it relies on the participation of the enthusiasm of the community itself.

Furthermore, Sandi said, his party would immediately report the campaign funds that had been obtained to the General Election Commission (KPU). This is a form of commitment to provide transparency to the public.

"This is our commitment and transparency is one of the most important pillars of Prabowo-Sandi, we have explained the amount of incoming funds and funds coming out in detail according to KPU regulations and about reporting from the KPU," said Sandiaga Uno, former Governor of DKI Jakarta.


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